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Home Page Under Construction

We are looking for residents who would like to help with this web page.
Please let Keith know if you are interested in helping, or have any input for the web site.
Here are some of the ideas we have so far:

Home page:

  • Local links: Santa Barbara, Goleta
  • Homes for sale, Lenders, Schools, Shopping, Restaurants, Churches, Parks, etc.
  • Pictures, Videos
Members Only ~ Password-protected.

  • President's letters
  • Minutes
  • Financials
  • Rules and Regulations, Architectural Standards, By-Laws, etc.
  • Title 25
  • Civil Code as it applies to our park
  • Disaster Committee information
  • Directory (for those who choose to be listed)
  • Office Forms (Pet Agreements, Registration cards, etc.)
  • Tax Lawsuit information
  • Pest information (raccoons, skunks, opossums, etc.)
  • New Home Information: Dealers, Manufacturers, etc.
  • Vendors: Electricians, Roofers, Plumbers, Heating/Cooling, Landscapers/Gardeners, Handymen, etc.
  • Members who want to share photos/videos with other members.

None of the above is carved in stone.

We want your input.

Any more ideas that might be of use to our members?

Let us know at the office:

or via e-mail:

Last Update: 7/2/2015